The Chocolate factory!

Chocolate is almost every child’s best friend. As we grow up, just as our human best friends we don’t meet or talk daily but it’s presence in our life is always comforting. My friendship with chocolate blossomed as a toddler and I remember unapologetically asking my relatives to bring my friend along if they came to visit.

As time passed the concept seeped in that I had to earn my “dear friends” company by doing well in studies or behaving well (which apparently included not asking relatives to bring chocolates for me!) This arrangement lasted for many years until the concept of pocket money came to play and slowly I lost the charm of drooling over chocolates all the time.

But being a former chocolate addict I still have pangs, cravings of super high intensity!

These need to be pacified immediately, hence a box or two are always safely stashed in my secret hiding place. Harboring such strong feelings about this divine gift of nature, my better half and I decided to tour the Videri chocolate factory in city on one lazy weekend afternoon.


Now now… don’t let your imagination leap into the chocolate factory we were introduced to by Willy Wonka in the hollywood movie. This little establishment is not like a big Hershey’s factory, it’s a handcrafted gourmet chocolate store that aptly states “From bean to bliss”.

The chocolate cafe at the Videri factory, Photo Credit- Carolynscottphotography

As  they describe it themselves, the Raleigh Depot space with the intrinsic beauty of its industrial-era architecture, is the perfect home for the chocolate factory.


The entire space is divided in roughly three areas the retail area, the factory floor and the patio. In the retail area they offer free tasting as well as seating area to enjoy freshly brewed coffee.

The factory floor, where you can witness all the chocolate making magic from start to finish.

Factory floor-©thedeardiaryblog2016

There was a variety of chocolates to choose from but my personal favorite was the dark milk chocolate. We picked up a few bars after sampling many and headed home after sipping on some cold coffee to beat the heat of the warm summer. A dull lazy afternoon turned into a sweet memory all thanks to the delicious delights of Videri. After all what are best friends for 🙂

Quote P.C : Google images



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