Attempts at Art

I have always been shy to share my artistic attempts due to lack of formal training, but one thing I know for sure is that I am happiest when I’m busy with my art projects. I call them projects because they can hardly be labelled as art pieces 😛 and generally I have some purpose for them in mind. I like to create something for my home or as a gift for my close people.

Moving to the states came with its challenges, but one of the best things that came out of it was that I had time for my long forgotten hobbies. My love for sketching, painting, writing, dancing all had slipped away under the weight of studies and grades. I actually forgot how happy they made me feel, specially when any of my creations adds to the charm of any home! (Please note I refrain from calling them merely a house.)

Some may find my paintings equivalent to a child in art class but the process of creating them has been immensely satisfying, at the end that is what we live for right?

I enjoyed sketching a lot more than painting before, but since I was gifted a beautiful art set by my loved one’s I decided to expand my horizons and attempt new things.

If you are like me you probably have the same questions in mind, starting right from the basics…..what is the difference between oil, acrylic and water colors!? How exactly do you work on a canvas? kinds of canvas!! Yes the questions are overwhelming… but maybe my journey will help you through them.

I read a few blogs online regarding these topics and head out to my favorite craft stores to pick up the right material to start with.I recommend buying the basic set of paints and canvas to play with it without spending a lot, once you get the hang of it your more aware of what to spend on.

I think the list below will be a good starting point for the novice artists like me.

The sites I visited :- – what type of paint should I use?

The stores you can check for material:-

Michaels, Jo-Ann, A.C.Moore, Walmart

Go out there and try your hand at whatever kind of art you prefer. Feel that satisfaction and sense of accomplishment, even if it’s the most hideous thing you have ever seen at least it is yours! You may have heard ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ so you never know: ‘One man’s trash maybe another man’s treasure!’

Best of luck and don’t forget to share your attempts at art with me.


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